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What is My Personal Finance? is acompany with the goal to help Americans grasp a better idea of their finances now, and even 5-50+ years from today. From our tools to our consultation, we will assist your personal finances be in the best shape no matter the situation.

Wealth App

Use our app to determine your WEALTH plan and forecast.

Wealth Consulting

Get advice and consultation from highly-skilled finance professionals

Wealth Resources

Get FREE resources for your money

What is the WEALTH APP about?

The Wealth app allows for for to calculate your WEALTH. See predictions from 5 to 50+ years from now and see how your current plan lines up with your goals.

  • Calculate your Current Wealth
  • See how your wealth matures overtime
  • Compare other potential plans and evaulate your current lifestyle

$25-$100 Annual Financial Assistance for Low-Income Arizonans!

$527-$602 Annual Financial Assistance for Low-Income Arizonans!

Arizonans FREEZE their Property Valuation!

Arizonans receive Rate Reductions from Utilities & Phone Companies!


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Most of our content is FREE. But to get one-on-one coaching with your money, please look at the plans below:



  • Get consultation on your WEALTH
  • Partial 1/2 hour

Monthly Membership

24.99 P/Mo

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Yearly Membership


Yearly membership – Paid in Advance

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